MagicCliché | Prevent ink-build up, reduce downtime

MagicCliché | Spray for plates & sleeves protection

Do you print long runs?
Do you stop your print run due to ink build-up?

MagicCliché, unlike most other products from Recyl is not a cleaning product. By virtue of its properties, this product reduces the frequency of cleaning of your flexo plates or sleeves.


Thanks to its separation, sliding and anti-static properties, MagicCliché will ensure you:

  • Avoid downtime! By preventing plate/sleeve ink build-up during print runs that downgrade quality and productivity
  • Prevent massive substrate and ink wastes due to quality issues caused by ink build up
  • Make the plates and sleeves easy to clean after printing
  • Extend the life of your flexo plates and sleeves:
    • By protecting them from ink and aggressive solvents
    • By reducing friction from frequent cleaning, that is damaging the plate or sleeve by over-brushing dry ink particles off the image

Usage instructions: Before each printing, spray generously on the plate or sleeve paying particular attention to non-printing zones and lightly wipe printing surfaces with a clean lint free cloth. Let the product dry for 5 minutes, that’s all, you can print!


MagicCliché is available in spray of 0.4 L and sold per box of 12 sprays.


How does it work? When printing starts, MagicCliché is instantly removed from printing zones.


For an even better result while cleaning flexo plates or sleeves, use the recommended RECYL products and brushes! This will add further lifetime to your plates & sleeves.


MagicCliché protects non printing zones on plates from premature clogging.


This product is most suited if you are a flexo printer using:

  1. Solvent-based inks
  2. UV inks printing high-definition, vignettes or halftones

It will ensure you reduce your spending towards replacing flexo plates and sleeves as well as downtime due to frequent stops caused by ink build up.


For further information, please check the PDF document.

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