Quick Wash UV | Daily Cleaning Product for UV Inks

Quick Wash UV | Food-safe, aluminium safe product for cleaning parts, plates & Anilox for UV inks

Are you a printer using UV inks?

The Quick Wash UV product is perfectly adapted for cleaning UV inks and varnishes (free radical as well as cationic) off your:

  1. Parts such as doctor-blade chambers, ink trays, doctor blades etc.
  2. Photo-polymer Plates:
    • Quick Wash UV ensures that your plates remain usable for a longer period of time
    • Using Quick Wash UV also requires less brushing compared to other products which are not truly adapted for this purpose, thus reducing the risk of loss of your valuable photo-polymer plates
  3. Anilox for Daily Cleaning:
    • Quick Wash UV ensures that your Anilox remains clean. Keeping the cells clean of any ink deposits also reduces the reliance on stronger products on a frequent basis.
Quick Wash UV Properties
  1. Aluminium safe
  2. Certified as a safe Cleansing Agent for food packaging
  3.  Non-flammable
    • High flash-point
  4. High boiling-point
  5. Odourless
  6. VOC free
  7. Does not dry out the skin
  8. Environment-friendly

Unlike regular solvents such as Ethyl acetate, Isopropyl alcohol or Propylene glycol which are either dangerous for operator health or for the environment, Quick Wash UV is comparitively safe as well as non toxic at many levels.


QuickWash UV is available is plastic jerricans of 30L, drums of 220L, or cubitainers of 1 000L.



The Quick Wash UV product can also be used in:

For best results with QuickWash UV while cleaning flexo plates, Recyl recommends the use of the Recyl brushes for plate cleaning available in different sizes and in Wood-Horsehair or PVC-Synthetic combinations.



Below is some feedback from one of our esteemed clients based in Bangkok, Thailand after the cleaning of parts in a Simplex machine using QuickWash UV.

I had no idea that my parts could be this clean...I can even see my face in them.


(This product now comes in colourless form ).


For further information, please check the technical sheet on the QuickWash UV product (link provided below).

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