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Ink Filter | Insure your Anilox against Scoring Lines

Protect your Anilox or Chrome Cylinder using Recyl's Ink Filter

Do you need an ink filter? Do any of the following apply to you?

I have flexo presses with ceramic Anilox rollers

I have rotogravure presses with Chrome rollers

I have scoring lines on my ceramic or chrome rollers

Ink/other particles are affecting my finished product

I am looking for solutions to optimise my print quality

If yes, you have landed on the right page. The Recyl ink filter is designed to pay for itself within months, if not weeks of installation.


Designed to remove dirt, dried ink flakes (thanks to the stainless steel basket) and metallic parts (thanks to the magnet) from the inking circuit.


Designed for use with water-based, solvent or UV inks on flexo and rotogravure machines. The Recyl ink filter is solid & compact, easily cleaned with water or solvents and the ink filter has recently been upgraded with a steel lid to add another degree of robustness.



- A marked increase in the longevity of your Anilox
- Decrease in scoring lines: wear & tear of the ceramic or chrome surfaces due to fragments between the doctor blade and the Anilox
- A more consistent ink
- An ink free from fragments that could spoil the printing quality by dirtying the plate
- A protection of the pump's membrane.



Set-up between the ink pump (pneumatic or electrical) and the ink inlet.


The neodymium magnet is bound to attract any metallic particles such as doctor blades chipping away due to high friction. Additionally, the physical ink filter cartridge would capture any dry ink particles larger than the chosen mesh size. With both these elements combined, the ink is certain to be of a clear and consistent quality – resulting in an improved quality.


The design of the Recyl ink filter is kept simple for easy maintenance while the robust material ensures longevity.


For flexo printers looking for to protect their investments on Anilox rollers and rotogravure printers looking to protect their chrome rollers, the Recyl magnetic filters are a must-have.


Protect your Anilox today by trying one filter & see its value addition within a week to ten days.


Further information may be found on the technical sheet and on the video below.

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